Remote'EmAll 1.03beta - Download

Winamp, MPC and VLC Remote program for (J2ME Java MIDP 2.0) Mobile phones


Do not host these files on any web server. Do not copy or distribute these files anywhere. However, you are encouraged to spread this web site's url.

Version 1.03b (released 20081025)

This jar-file is enough to install software to your mobile

RemoteEmAll.jad (includes .jar and .jad -files)

Remote'EmAll server (perl). This is more a proof of concept than final product. It does work, but it could handle few error situations better :) This has been tested on Windows so not sure if it works on Linux.

You need this only if you wan't to use search funtions, filesystem browsing or adding media files to any player..

RemoteEmAll 1.03b ALL

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Last edited: 25.10.2008