Remote'EmAll 1.03beta - Help

Winamp, MPC and VLC Remote program for (J2ME Java MIDP 2.0) Mobile phones

- install httpQ-plugin to your winamp (
- configure HttpQ-plugin
- CTRL-P -> Plug-ins -> General purpose -> Winamp httpQ Plugin v3.0
- configure password, start service (and set service to start automatically)

Media Player Classic
- view -> Options -> Player -> Web Interface
- enable 'Listen on port: 13579' (you can change the port)

VLC VideoLAN Player
- Settings -> Preferences -> Interface -> Main interfaces - enable "HTTP Remote control interface"

- You need this only if you wan't to use search funtions or filesystem browsing
- install perl to your PC
- edit -file to set password and directories
- first time you use socket-server, you need to make media-database-files. Start RemoteEmAll-software, press 9 (or menu->Find and Browse) in Winamp screen. Type command "scan" to Command-box (notice it is case sensitive). From menu, select 'Custom cmd'. This will scan the directories you configured to socket-server and make 2 files (folders & files). After that you can use Search folders and Search files -functions.

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Last edited: 25.10.2008